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OpsCompass and Azure: Better Together

OpsCompass and Azure are a perfect match for the ultimate cloud governance solution. OpsCompass employs many ex-Microsoft personnel that not only understand the latest in cloud governance, but are experts in everything Azure. OpsCompass knows exactly how their solution integrates into Azure and Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework so you can have an enterprise-ready governance program in place within days, not months.

More Than Dashboards and Reports

OpsCompass complements and brings Azure resources to life in a way that provides you more real-time information exactly when you need it. OpsCompass goes beyond Azure’s native tools to provide you with insights that allow your cloud teams to be more proactive than reactive. A cloud governance program does you no good if you’re receiving information that’s after-the-fact. That’s why OpsCompass gives you the most detailed real-time information about when changes are made and who on your team made them.
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OpsCompass Cloud Adoption Framework Management

Activate cloud management and security that enables the Cloud Adoption Framework.

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Easily Bringing Operational Excellence to Life with Azure

Microsoft’s Azure has grown their market footprint in the past few years with an enterprise solution that provides organizations with limitless tools to migrate and create more workloads in the cloud. Azure isn’t short on securing their customer’s data, but it’s still up to organizations to ensure they have the proper governance solution in place. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, OpsCompass is certified to help you establish and maintain that governance solution.

There is a fine line between balancing the speed of digital transformation and limiting the risk that can exist with human-caused errors while managing the Azure cloud. OpsCompass brings the best of Azure without making any sacrifices in compliance, security, or cost management.

Operationalize the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure brings best practices to organizations so they can better align their business and technical strategies to ensure cloud success. This proven framework has benefited many cloud teams, especially those also using OpsCompass. The combination of the Cloud Adoption Framework and OpsCompass allows an organization’s cloud center of excellence team to easily stand up a governance solution and automate daily operations.
“OpsCompass takes the theory of the Cloud Adoption Framework and puts it into practice, helping customers define governance controls, leveraging native tools and implementing governance baselines through a powerful SaaS solution.”