At OpsCompass we’re laser-focused on public cloud governance. I realize that may sound a little boring but, as I’ll explain shortly, governance is typically the most consequential obstacle companies must overcome in the public cloud – and that’s really saying something because almost everyone is trying to do something in the cloud. As such, our customers choose us because we make public cloud governance simpler and more effective through our SaaS product, Helm, which provides streamlined, integrated, and continuous governance inside public clouds like Azure and AWS. Today, we’re proud to announce a new module enhancement to Helm that addresses an essential component of sound cloud governance and that’s compliance.

Cloud governance is not cloud management but the two are related. While cloud management is largely a set of tools and approaches for running the cloud applications themselves, cloud governance defines and enforces the very policies and objectives that those applications must comply with and adhere to meet the requirements set forth by the business.  To effectively run enterprise-class cloud applications, organizations must have a proven ability to govern things like cost and economics, security and risk, technical performance, and crucially, regulatory compliance. The most challenging aspect of regulatory compliance in the cloud, the place where organizations continually struggle to be effective, is the “last mile”, as they say. In other words, those policies and controls that actually need to be configured into the cloud and actively enforced, at scale and despite massive change, to make you compliant and keep you compliant.

Corporate IT departments that are responsible for HIPAA compliance often have very impressive, deep knowledge and experience in terms of the specific regulations and what auditors want to see; however, they rarely have meaningful experience with each cloud platform’s unique services and controls that are evolving all of the time. To fill that gap, our customers use Helm with the compliance module enabled to automatically discover everything they have in the cloud, map it to the compliance regulations themselves, and then continuously inspect compliance and report on the results in real-time. With push-button, point-in-time audit reports, customer’s greatly improve their compliance and security posture without the time and skill necessary if they didn’t have Helm.

Helm extends to governance and compliance that same flexibility and agility that makes the cloud itself such a competitive advantage for businesses. We’re releasing the compliance module with initial support for HIPAA and NIST and more supported regulatory frameworks to come.

Running the compliance module on your cloud account takes just a couple of clicks


Gain instant visibility into the compliance posture of your cloud presence


No more manual scanning, no more leg work, with Helm you get continuous and automated cloud compliance monitoring and reporting.


Helm helps organizations maintain a cloud configuration baseline, enforce policy guardrails, detect risky drift, and now, enable continuous compliance. We have a busy year of feature releases and the whole team is incredibly excited to show you what else we have in store in 2019.

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