Today at IgniteMicrosoft announced the general availability of new content within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, including the Innovate and Manage stages. This content includes new resources and assessments to help organizations wherever they are in their cloud journey. OpsCompass was highlighted in this announcement as a key partner that has already made the Cloud Adoption Framework real and actionable for customers.

Here is an excerpt from Microsoft’s announcement:

Many customers and partners have been leveraging and contributing to this framework for a few months now. Partners, in particular, have found it very useful to help address their customers main blockers to cloud adoption, focusing on both the technical and business components.

And many Microsoft partners have already created offerings to help guide customers through their journey based on the framework. Similarly, OpsCompass “leverages the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to help customers feel safe knowing they’re proactively managing their cost, compliance, and security risks as they adopt the cloud,” said Scott Griffith, Vice President of Corporate Development at OpsCompass.

Organizations are now embracing digital transformation and the cloud enables this business shift. However, with this shift comes change and risk within organizations and their teams that are now operating in a cloud environment. With the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, organizations are able to leverage a comprehensive and curated set of tools, documentation, templates, and guidance that help organizations shape their ongoing cloud strategies.

If you’re interested in adapting the Cloud Adoption Framework, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at OpsCompass. We’ve helped customers make use of all these valuable resources and also set them up with our cloud posture management and governance SaaS tool. Our solution guides customers through the Cloud Adoption Framework and provides them with the right cost, compliance, and security information at the right time and actionable insight into what to do next.

For more information and to learn more about it, visit the  Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure webpage. If you’d like to learn more about our experience with the Cloud Adoption Framework, check out one of our latest posts that highlights recent learnings.

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