One thing we consistently hear from customers is that keeping up-to-date with the frequent updates and changes in Azure represents one of their core challenges in digital transformation. For organizations with a more traditional technology orientation, cloud platforms like Azure and AWS can feel like continuously moving targets as their services, features, and even pricing evolve on a daily or weekly basis. But the reality is that the majority of new cloud features and enhancements are easily implemented and leveraged in existing cloud environments; however, many organizations continue to miss out on the benefits of these available capabilities because they don’t even know they exist.

It was a busy summer for Microsoft, announcing a host of major updates and enhancements across their Azure cloud platform. They used major conferences like Build and Ignite to announce a variety of new core features and services to complement the smaller, more incremental, updates that continue to happen on a weekly basis. Our team here at OpsCompass recently put together a rundown of the top Azure infrastructure updates and announcements that uniquely impact business use cases and adoption.

Network and Security

VM’s and PaaS

Containers, IoT, Compliance, and More

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