This summer, OpsCompass is hitting the road with Microsoft’s Azure team to talk to customers about cloud governance and compliance. OpsCompass and Microsoft are hosting a roadshow of cloud governance events to share how to more quickly identify risks, get more visibility into cost, and to detail what a successful cloud governance strategy looks like. Microsoft is prioritizing their Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) which consists of implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that help align strategies for business, culture, and technology to enable the desired business outcomes in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This ensures that customers have the confidence to continue to bring more cloud workloads into their organization with visibility of risk and costs.

OpsCompass and Microsoft kicked off this roadshow series in Omaha, NE on June 13th. The audience, which consisted of Cloud Architects, IT Directors, System Architects, and others listened and collaborated with Farrukh Ansari and Wayne Mayer from Microsoft. The event started with a presentation on the state of the public cloud, more specifically, where is today’s typical enterprise in their cloud journey. There are now new opportunities for innovation and operational improvements because of what is available in the public cloud. With this opportunity comes a different class of problems that rise to the surface as speed, agility, and automation change how technology is delivered. IT teams are rightfully cautious but time and time again we see the business demanding more speed and more innovation. Most organizations today are asking themselves these questions:

  • How do we design, build, create and deploy to drive bigger returns from business, creating new customers and experiences?
  • How do we mitigate risk and optimize for speed?
  • If our industry is highly regulated, how do we maintain consistent policies?

Define Cloud Governance

This is where OpsCompass and our product, Helm, fit into the Cloud Adoption Framework and drive an on-going governance process. Some companies in the audience indicated that they were new to the cloud and just starting to establish a governance process, while others are already there with a growing presence but a host of problems due to sprawl and scale. Both scenarios present challenges. At these events, Microsoft shared how to develop a strong foundation in cloud governance and OpsCompass displayed how their Helm product enables it. OpsCompass Helm helps Azure customers implement the framework by providing the tools to baseline their cloud, provide compliance analysis, and detect risky configurations.

Attend the workshop and you might get an exclusive Yeti.

Azure enables organizations to be flexible and ready for tomorrow’s commerce. Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure allows for creating a common language and guidelines surrounding cloud governance that can present significant challenges for customers. And OpCompass’ Helm is the anchor to enforce and monitor the Cloud Adoption Framework.

If you’d like to attend more of these events, here is our upcoming schedule:

If you’d like to read more about this our viewpoint on this topic, read our 3 Keys to Cloud Governance: People, Process, and Technology blog post.

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