Is your database cloud-ready?

While cloud computing has been an Information Technology (IT) trend for many years, the adoption curve for moving business-critical applications to public cloud environments has been slower. As we evaluate trends in 2021, however, we are seeing a definite shift in the velocity of cloud adoption for enterprise applications, especially those running on a relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

This eBook will focus on some important issues related to running Oracle databases in the public cloud. This document is focused especially on key business and risk-management considerations for developing your Oracle cloud strategy, including answering key questions such as:

  • How does Oracle license compliance relate to the larger picture of proactive risk management in the cloud that includes industry-standard security monitoring, regulatory compliance, and configuration drift control?
  • With options for running Oracle Standard Edition in AWS’ managed RDS solution, what is the true cost of licensing between the License Included (LI) offering and the bring your own license (BYOL) option?
  • With so many differing opinions about how and when to apply Oracle’s cloud policy to databases running in AWS, how can I find the truth about what it will take to license my software?
  • Now’s the time to develop your Oracle cloud strategy, starting with a clear picture of what’s in your inventory. Is your database cloud-ready?
Oracle Trends Report 2021 Cover

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