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“The average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, a 45% increase from 2011.”


Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

The OpsCompass Dashboard

An Above Board View of Your Cloud Compliance, Inventory, and Resources

  • Snapshot of your key cloud inventory data points to understand your cloud inventory
  • Configuration drift changes stand out by category
  • Our proprietary cloud compliance score drives urgency for remediation, supported by CIS and NIST frameworks
  • View cloud resource type breakdowns at a glance
  • Quickly gain valuable insights into cloud accounts

Comprehensive Cloud Inventory Management

  • Sort by cloud providers, accounts, resource types, regions, and cloud resources
  • Easily view number of problems and changes per resource
  • Save filtered views for easy access in the future
  • Export inventory report to share and save
Cost Anticipation and Analysis
Cloud Security Posture Management

Solve Issues Quickly with In-Depth Cloud Resource Details

  • See a detailed overview of the problem that needs to be addressed
  • View current JSON configuration
  • Understand the current problems and how to fix them right away
  • See a detailed history of resource events including when they were detected

How are you addressing the cloud skills gap required for the future?

Cloud Management Across Platforms and SaaS

OpsCompass works seamlessly with the three major public cloud providers, but we don’t stop there. Extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365 for improved governance across your entire multi-cloud environment.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Posture
Amazon Web Services Cloud Posture
Google Cloud Platform Cloud Posture
Microsoft 365
Salesforce Integration

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