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“The average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, a 45% increase from 2011.”


Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Keep Your Cloud In Compliance with Ease

With the quantity and speed of changes in the cloud, staying compliant can be a daunting task. But OpsCompass helps you stay audit-ready more easily than ever before. With our proprietary compliance score, you can get the full picture of your compliance posture in one simple number.

By benchmarking every change against your identified compliance standards – regulatory and custom – we provide deep, point-in-time visibility into your cloud environment. And with automatic remediation recommendations, staying on top of your compliance in the cloud has never been simpler.

Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Anticipate Costs Before They Become Problems

Most public cloud platforms already provide great cost reporting tools. But if you experience an unexpected cost overrun, this after-the-fact reporting isn’t all that helpful. With OpsCompass, you can get the real-time insights you need to prevent those overruns altogether.

Our cloud management software continuously monitors and alerts you to standard cost risks as their driving actions take place. We also enable you to attribute costs and set monetary alert limits for specific business units, helping you easily manage your cloud spend across the organization and avoid expensive surprises.

Cost Anticipation and Analysis
Cloud Security Posture Management

Maintain a Sound Cloud Security Posture

For modern enterprises, cloud security is a serious matter. Your operations and security teams must be aware of security vulnerabilities and their solutions as quickly as possible, or risk those vulnerabilities being discovered by bad actors first.

With OpsCompass, every cloud event and change is inspected in near real-time. When high-risk configuration changes occur, the appropriate team members are automatically notified so they can remediate the vulnerability right away. There’s no need to sacrifice security to take advantages of the speed and agility the cloud makes possible.

Cloud Posture Score

Do you know how your cloud compliance stacks up?

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Cloud Management Across Platforms and SaaS

OpsCompass works seamlessly with the three major public cloud providers, but we don’t stop there. Extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365 for improved governance across your entire multi-cloud environment.
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Amazon Web Services Cloud Posture
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Salesforce Integration

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