Cloud Operations Across Industries

Industry cloud solutions that help enterprises manage and improve cloud operations.

Industry Cloud Security Posture Management

Flexible Governance That Adapts to Your Needs

While the cloud has unlocked new possibilities for enterprises across industries, subtle differences have emerged in how each industry has taken advantage of them. To pair seamlessly with your cloud operations, your cloud governance solution must be flexible enough to adapt you your unique needs.

From baseline configurations for healthcare compliance regulations to sophisticated security posture requirements for financial service providers, OpsCompass helps you address the nuances of your industry – all without extensive customization to the software or your existing personnel or processes.

“The average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, a 45% increase from 2011.”


Peace of Mind in the Cloud for Your Industry

OpsCompass helps cloud operations teams maintain compliance, anticipate costs, and eliminate security risks across a variety of industries, such as:
Financial Services Cloud Posture
Manage compliance and prevent vulnerabilities to protect your customers and their wealth.
Healthcare Cloud Posture
Meet healthcare’s strict compliance regulations without sacrificing the agility of the cloud.
Retail Cloud Posture
Keep up with the rapid change in retail without sacrificing margin through wasted cloud spend.
Manufacturing Cloud Posture
Move your business forward in the cloud without unexpected expenses or increased risk.

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