Multi-Cloud, Single Solution

Making multi-cloud operations easy to manage across cloud providers and SaaS.
Multi Cloud Security Posture Management

Guiding Your Multi-Cloud Governance

Whether you work with a single cloud provider or multiple, OpsCompass provides a single pane of glass for managing compliance, costs, and security across your entire public cloud environment. Our solution works seamlessly with the three major public cloud options, but we don’t stop there. OpsCompass also allows you to extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365 – all within the same comprehensive dashboard.
“OpsCompass brought everything together into one place with a real-time cloud baseline and the additional intelligence we needed to improve our security and compliance posture and make our ops team more efficient.”


Maximize the Potential of Your Cloud

By providing a single solution for managing governance across cloud providers, OpsCompass empowers you to focus on using the capabilities of the cloud to advance your business.
OpsCompass and Microsoft Azure
Go beyond Azure’s native tools with more real-time insights and a solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.
OpsCompass and AWS
Make sense of all the data AWS provides with a governance solution that eliminates manual tasks and preserves the agility and flexibility of AWS.
OpsCompass and GCP
Speed up Google Cloud adoption and prevent security risks and unexpected costs with real-time notifications and recommendations as well as robust compliance baselines.
Extend Governance to Cloud-Based SaaS
OpsCompass allows you to improve upon the native security and compliance tools of supported cloud-based SaaS applications with additional context and reporting. With real-time insights into configuration changes, automatic configuration baseline capture, and more, OpsCompass’s SaaS governance capabilities help your team save time and resources.
Microsoft 365 Governance
ServiceNow Governance