Nextek develops software used by 1,500+ financial professionals nationwide, with tools and applications that help users support their clients, gain revenue, and increase visibility into their organization’s growth. With 2,000+ resources, Nextek needed a tool to help them gain visibility into their cloud environment.

The Challenge

With the recent migration of 98% of their applications to the cloud and the creation of more than 2,000 resources, Nextek needed to implement a consistent architecture that offered a way to manage cloud governance and compliance proactively. In the event of an audit, they wanted to be ready, which required true insight into their entire environment. This proved to be complicated however, without visibility into changes made and resources created on a daily basis.


“While I trust my team completely, I still need to ensure that everyone is following company policy, and not making changes that could have tremendous impact on our cloud costs.”

Dustin DeFoe, Director of Software Engineering

The Solution

This led Dustin DeFoe, Director of Software Engineering, on a search for a solution that could meet Nextek’s requirements. While attending a local cloud architecture framework meet-up to learn more about cloud governance and architecture, he met the OpsCompass team. DeFoe left with more than he bargained for when he learned how OpsCompass provides:

Proactive Monitoring

The detection of cloud changes in near real-time means issues are caught sooner, so you can remediate proactively.

changes circle chart of colors

Helpful Alerts

Alerts for changes to the environment, including resources created, results in more control.

CIS and NIST compliance continuum charts

Compliance Change Information

Alerts triggered regarding the impact of changes on compliance help you maintain a healthy, compliant, and secure cloud.

During the Discovery period, the OpsCompass and Nextek teams met multiple times to determine requirements and establish best practices. OpsCompass also brought in subject matter experts to bridge any specific knowledge gaps.

The Results

Without the right tool to manage their 2,000+ resources, Nextek lacked true visibility into their cloud environment. This became clear when they received their initial compliance score from OpsCompass.

While their first score registered at 400, within eight hours and through the work of the Nextek team, they were able to improve their score to just over 1,400, an increase of more than 300%.

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