Cloud Cost Anticipation

Proactive Cloud Cost Management

The major public cloud providers already have fairly deep cost management tools. These tools have enabled most companies to establish a system for reporting on and attributing their cloud costs. But there’s a major issue with many of these tools and systems.

This reporting and attribution happens after the fact in a water-fall process that gathers information about utilization that’s already occurred. To truly manage your cloud costs, you need insight into the actions taken that drive cost as they happen, not days or weeks later. OpsCompass gives you the cloud cost management tools you need to be proactive about managing your spend.

Anticipate Costs in Real Time

Continuously monitor and highlight standard cost risks incurred by cloud activities as they happen.

Monetary Alert Limits

Attribute costs to business units and get notified when they hit your defined limits, preventing cost overruns.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Identify activities in the cloud that have cost implications as they happen and easily see who’s responsible for them.

“OpsCompass provided us details that avoided over $10,000 over one weekend.”


Anticipate Cost in Real Time

OpsCompass continuously monitors and highlights standard cost risks incurred by cloud activities. It tracks your exact configuration state and how it changes in real time. This also allows OpsCompass to detect those changes that have cost impacts – as they happen. OpsCompass uses this operational cost impact data and enriches it with tag-based reporting and attribution.

Monetary Alert Limits

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to cost overruns. With OpsCompass monetary alert limits, you can set budgets for individual business units, automatically attribute costs to the units responsible for them, and get real-time alerts if a budget threshold is reached. This gives you a second set of eyes on your cloud spending so you can rest easy and avoid those unpleasant surprises.

Proactive, Not Reactive

OpsCompass fills the cost gap between when a resource changes in the cloud and when the report showing this change is sent. With native tools and policy implementation, you can restrict spend at a desired threshold, but OpsCompass gives you the ability to actually address the resource before the money is spent.